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Why you should have a structure? PS. It saved my life

For several months now, we’ve been working at home, waking up anytime we want, working at any time. It was our of our norm but it works, kind of. Some people love it, some people don’t. I am one of those who don’t. See I love structure. I love how I used to plan my week and my budget. I start my day getting a coffee, and creating a to-do list while the pot of hot water is almost boiling. Then, I hop in the shower, put on some makeup, and go to the office. I plan the time I get out of my house and I count the exact minutes of my commute going to the office.

It may not work for everyone else but I love it. It keeps me motivated and I can go through my day with structure.

I loved how my office has structure too. I pass by the guards, fall in line in the elevator ride going to the 15th floor. My routine has always been going to the washroom and fixing myself before I go to my locker. I get another cup of coffee and sit on my workstation, prepping it, ready to take in any fraud claims that come my way. It was working. I was motivated and was climbing to the top.

But sometimes, I let go of structure. I sometimes let my day just be and whatever happens, happens. I wake up late, I rode car service going to work, and suddenly, my structure was off. Does this ever happen to you? Because it happens to me.

But today, I grabbed my shoes, went out for a walk before Dreu wakes up, and decided to run. I need a routine. Routine gives us structure. And structure keeps us going. Lack of structure makes us feel demotivated, and we lose our sense of stability and balance.

Without structure, I feel like I am wasting every second of my day. I feel like I am not working towards something and another day ends and I haven’t achieved anything.

Create a structure.

Whether it’s on your mind, or a notes app, create a routine to have a structure on your day. Write it down. In my case, I need to write down and plan every hour. While flexibility is important (that’s why time blocks are created), creating a habit is more important.

Plan your day a night before.

Though my run this morning was a little random, it was a result of a night depression and the feeling that I am losing time and I am not achieving anything. So I will make sure to plan the next day a night before. Doing this will make waking up easier and more motivating.

You can list it down on a journal or sticky notes, make sure that you see it the moment you wake up. Going to bed knowing that tomorrow is planned keeps me going. You might wanna try that too.

Create checklists

I am a checklist kind of person. I love knowing I am not forgetting anything, even sending a follow-up email is a part of my list. Being a mom, and being someone who’s depressed, a checklist is intuitive. As I write things down, I see the gap in my life and by creating lists, I can fill the gap in and have more sense of achievement.

Planning your day a night before and creating a checklist helps you be more confident that you’re not forgetting anything, thus less stress.

I know I can take on whatever life brings me as long as I structure, lists, and a plan.

I cry every night because of depression and I fail to move because of anxiety. But the structure, for sure, saved my life.

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