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10 Tips For a Hassle-free Move to Your New Home

If there’s an expert about moving, I think that’s me. Seriously, I tried to count the times we moved and my family (parents) moved 9 times since I was in elementary until college (island to island move ie. Davao to Palawan and vice versa), 3 times when I was already working. Tee and I moved 7 times since we relocated here in Metro Manila. So I think that makes me a master of moving. In fact, I wrote about being prepared to move a long time ago when we first started to move away from Tee’s parent’s house.

Aren’t I tired of it? Yes, of course, but sometimes, we don’t have a choice. My parents are ministers that’s why we kept moving when I was younger, and Tee and I decided to live here in Cavite (a decision I’ve regretted, I guess. Though I can’t decide if we have to move back to Davao). In the meantime, we can’t afford a house yet so we’re still moving but hopefully, we’ll be able to get one before Dreu starts going to school. I don’t want him to keep moving and have an unstable relationship with people like I do. I want him to grow up with a best friend or group of friends because I never really had the opportunity to have one. We’ve been living here in Metro Manila/Cavite for almost 4 years now and I don’t even have a single friend. I still feel like I’m a stranger every single time. 

But since I’m a master of it, I’d like to share some tips I learned during our recent move. Just a quick update, we moved from Paranaque to Cavite because we now work at home so we really don’t need a place in the city. Besides, we were living in a 1-bedroom condominium which is too small for us now that Dreu’s growing up. We need the extra space. We’ve decided to move to a 2-bedroom, 2-storey townhouse in Cavite, a cheaper one I must say. 

Our latest move was smooth and we did it in one day. We rented a trucking service and paid for an extra mover. It was the easiest move I’ve ever experienced. I think it helped that I made sure to plan out every single thing (except for the part where Dreu had LBM the last 2 days before our move).

Okay, so here are the things that helped us make our move easier and faster. 

1. Start segregating your things 2 weeks before. 

I started taking out all our clothes and made a pile of useful clothes vs useless clothes. Clothes we don’t wear anymore, and clothes that are out of size. I stored them in a separate box because I can donate them yet (I have no idea where to donate, if you know a place, please let me know). I hate rushing things so I started organizing 2 weeks early. 

This goes not just for clothes but for everything else, like, papers, books, kitchen items, bathroom items, and toys.

That’s my assistant

Start segregating as early as two weeks, most especially if you have a lot of stuff at home.

2. Buy boxes to make sorting easier. 

If you can purchase a used box from a sari-sari store near you then that’s great. In my case, we don’t have access to small stores so I purchased boxes from SM. They’re from the brand Valiant. They are travel boxes, like a balikbayan box, and costs ₱128 each which is honestly very expensive for a moving box but I don’t really have a choice.

You need as much box as your room (if your room would fit in a box). Make sure to have one for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, and etc. 

Then once you arrive at your new place, immediately place the box where it belongs. The kitchen box goes to the kitchen, the bedroom box goes to the bedroom, the books and papers goes to the office, and so on. Trust me, it’s easier to do it right away while you have the movers to help you carry them to its respective place. You wouldn want to carry those boxes on your own. 

3. Use your drawers as storage for clothes.

If you have drawers like a mega box drawer, use the individual drawers in storing clothes. Fold your clothes and put them in the drawer neatly. Then, make sure to cover them with a clean towel or shawl. Just, you know, in case the mover removes the drawer, they won’t see your underwear there. 

But usually, movers won’t remove the drawers on by one. They will just carry the whole thing. They have strollers for that. 

Plus, once you arrive, you only need to remove the towels and the shawl that you used as cover. Your clothes are still organized. Easy.

You can use this folding thing to help you with the clothes if you hate folding, like me. Not only do I hate it, but I am also bad at it so I made something similar using cardboard. Not pretty but it does its job. I threw it out because I am buying this one from Shopee. It is very helpful if you hate folding clothes. 

Photo from

4. Use garbage bags for extra storage. 

If in case you have more clothes that wouldn’t fit in your drawer, use a garbage bag instead. Buy an extra-large or an XXL garbage bag. You don’t even have to fold the clothes that you’ll put there. You can also use it as storage for the clothes you used the week of your move. Though the best place in storing used clothes are inside your washing machine. We have a twin tub, so I just dumped them inside so I can wash them right away. The movers just carried the washing machine, and I told them not to open it. See? Hassle-free

So yeah, garbage bags. Affordable alternative.

5. Ditch the extra stuff

If you don’t need to have two spatulas or can openers then it maybe best to just get rid of the extras. You don’t need that extra clutter on your new home. I have learned that the best way to be more organized is to have lesser stuff. Less is more as they say and I never realized that until I had a family and started to manage my own home.

Stop ? hoarding ?things ?.

You’re moving to a new home. So it is best to only bring things that are useful to your family. Don’t bring extra clutter. Stop bringing things that will just overwhelm you or things that are worthless.

There are tons of stuff in our homes that belong to the garbage bin or the donation box. That shirt that your son used when he was three months old, doesn’t need to occupy extra space in your drawer, because he’s not using that anymore. It may belong to a storage bin but not in your closet.

6. Wrap fragile items with cloth

Save money by using clothes to wrap fragile items such as glasses, mugs and plates. 

I decided not to use bubble wrap because it’s too expensive. I just used Dreu’s old clothes. 

Just make sure to arrange them properly inside the boxes. 

When arranging your stuff inside the boxes, make sure to put in the heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones on the top. 

If appliances have their own boxes, put them in their respective boxes to be safe. A mistake a made was trying to put our induction cooker in the box, unknowingly, I was putting pressure on it’s magnetic plate so it was broken. Sad, we had to buy a new one. I’d love to talk more about that new induction cooker soon.

7. Make sure to label your boxes to avoid confusion. 

So since you already have a box per room, make sure to label them “books and papers” or “Kitchen” and “Bedroom”. I mentioned this earlier and I am saying this again because it is very important. It will save you tons of stress. 

8. Prepare a bag for last minute items.

You dont want to dig in your boxes for last minute needs like authorization letters, move out forms, ID’s and even cash. In our case, I just used my Secosana Tote Bag and made sure I am prepared for whatever needs we may have that day that includes wipes, diapers, milk and snacks.

9. Contact a trucking service a week prior to your move. 

If you plan to use movers to help you, contact them a week before. This is to make sure that there are available trucks on the day of your move.

We have tried reaching out to “lipat-bahay” ads you see on Facebook and they were too expensive. 6,500 pesos is too expensive for us, and besides, we don’t have a lot of things. We only need a small closed truck.

Thankfully, Tee thought about Transportify and we decided to give it a try. We booked our truck a week before and they immediately gave us a call to confirm our booking. They have tons of trucking options. What we love about their app is you can locate where your truck is. Like the ones, you see on Grab and Lalamove. 

If you don’t want to lift anything, you can also contact them to add an extra help. Their quote already includes the driver and an extra person but you can add one more for 600. We added an extra person and Tee never carried anything at all. 

10. Order Takeout on the day of your move

Or even the day before. Since I have already placed everything from the kitchen to our Kitchen Box, takeout is the best option for us. Besides, I dont want any last minute packing/unpacking. Thank God for Foodpanda and Grabfood. 

11. Contact your internet service provider a week or two before you move. 

Or you can also make sure not to move yet until internet connection has already been installed in your new place. In our case, SkyCable can’t move our service from Metro Manila to Cavite because they said that they can only make the move Metro to Metro. So we have to contact a different ISP available in the place and that’s PLDT. Unfortunately, we don’t have WIFI until now because their process is too slow. Why PLDT? We are currently usign our phone’s data connection to work in the meantime and it’s not as fast as a fiber connection so hopefully, they’ll be able to install this week and we’ll be good to go. 

So if you work from home, or have kids who take online classes, make sure to have an internet connection installed before moving. 

12. Take a Leave

Even if you plan to take your leave on weekends, it still is best to have an extra day for you to unpack you stuff. Unpacking will only take half a day if you make sure that the movers will put the boxes where they belong. What I mean is, the Kitchen Box should go directly in the kitchen, the books and papers should go directly on your office, so on and so forth.

These tips have been very helpful to make our move hassle-free and organized. I hope your move will be smooth too.

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