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My Family’s Top 10 Quarantine Snacks

The quarantine has turned every one of us now to be Master Chefs. Everywhere I look in social media; everyone’s sharing their delightful recipes. And honestly, it makes working from home more fun and a little better.

COVID-19 left us with no choice but to stay at home, which made us miss all our snacks at our favorite diner or fast-food chain. Though nothing much has changed with my family’s routine as T and I both work from home, we sure love our snacks — from pizzas to burgers to late-night Mcdonald’s delivery.

However, because of the community quarantine, a lot of establishments have closed, giving us a few options for food delivery. And of course, we want to be very careful, so we limit buying from food delivery services.

If you’re looking for some snack ideas, you can checkout the list below.

But most of the time, we just make some snacks for ourselves, so here’s the list of the snacks we loved while on quarantine.

1. Gardenia Bread With All Kinds Of Spread.

We make sure not to run out of bread, and our favorite is the one from Gardenia. Fortunately, we have a neighbor who sells Gardenia Bread, so we can always have one at home. So if we’re hungry, we just grab some bread and make a sandwich.

We wanted to have some variation, so we made sure to have different kinds of spreads available. We have peanut butter, cheese spread, coco jam, hazelnut spread, and even margarine/butter. Our favorite is the Arla Cheesy Spread.

If there’s one effortless snack to make for kids, it’s a sandwich with spread, and they can choose whatever spread they like. So make sure to add some spread on your grocery list.

Photo by Yukiko Kanada on Unsplash

You can also try toasting the bread or making French toast topped with butter for some variety. I personally, love toasted bread than the plain white one.

2. Graham cake

One of the easiest desserts to make is a Graham Cake or Mango Float. All you need are some graham crackers, condensed milk, cream, some mango or fruit cocktail, pile them up, and freeze.

We made Graham Cake twice during quarantine, and the family loves it.

Here’s a quick Graham Cake Recipe for your reference.

3. Fries

My son loves his french fries, and even though I want to make one from scratch, I don’t have the time. So we buy some ready to cook fries from the supermarket and just fry it.

Easy and fast.

4. Potato cheese balls

I saw this recipe on Facebook and decided to try it. Guess what? We loved it. If you have access to some potatoes or you happen to have some potatoes stored, you can try making Potato Cheese Balls.

Here’s how to make Potato Cheese Balls:

5. Pancit Canton

Our favorite midnight snack — pancit canton. So if you’re looking for some quick snack while watching Money Heist on Netflix, you can easily cook some Pancit Canton.

By the way, we love Payless Pancit canton instead of Lucky Me because it’s much cheaper and one pack can suffice the two of us. Besides, I think they taste the same, and you save a couple of pesos.

6. Cake by neighbors

Instead of buying from a commercial bakery, we buy snacks from our neighbors so we can help their small business.

Just a short story, we are living in a condominium community where the administration has been doing a great job in disinfection and in limiting the people going in and out of the neighborhood (which is why our community is still COVID free until now). They even set up a mobile market in our clubhouse, so we don’t have to go to the public market when we need food. So our amazing neighbors (which mostly don’t have business or work due to the quarantine) have created a Facebook group where they sell almost all kinds of food. From breakfast to snacks to dinner, name it, you have it. So when in need of a cake or two, we can get it from our neighbors. And you know what, we have some great bakers here.

So far, we’ve ordered Triple Chocolate Lava Cake (which is my favourite by the way), some Graham Leche Flan Cake, and Graham Cake.

So if you’re running out of snack ideas, check on your neighbors, maybe they sell some cakes or cookies. Or you can bake one for your kids, too if you can.

7. Pasta

One of the most accessible foods to pull off is pasta. We always have uncooked pasta at home, so I can just Google what recipes I can cook with it. I can make spaghetti, carbonara, a simple garlic mushroom pasta, or even mac and cheese.

My family doesn’t care if it’s red sauce or white because we just love pasta. It’s our go-to.

Our favorite pasta sauces are Clara Ole. They have a variety of premium pasta sauces for a very affordable price.

8. Cheesy Dog Bread Rolls

No idea how to use that bread who’s about to expire? You can always make Cheesy Dog Bread Rolls. And yeah, it’s name speaks for itself. That’s bread, with hotdog and cheese rolled to perfection. This is very fun to make and kids love this. 

Here’s a recipe from Kawaling Pinoy that is so fun to make.

9. Ginataang bilo bilo

Bilo bilo is a Filipino snack that has banana, sweet potato, coconut milk, and its main ingredient is glutinous rice balls. I love ginataang bilo bilo, but I am so lazy to make one because I have work and my son, who seems to be climbing up on everything lately. Gladly, T’s mom is currently with us, so he cooks Ginataang Bilo Bilo for us. She loves how easy and delicious this is.

I have found an easy Ginataang Bilo Bilo recipe to follow here.

10. Drinks

Our favorite snacks won’t be complete without our favorite drinks. I know I can switch to a healthier option, but my resources are just limited for now (due to the quarantine), and I’m too lazy (there, I said it).

Here are our favorite drinks:

For Dreu – Dutchmill and Yakult (he consumes two packs of big Dutchmill in a week)

For Me – Iced Coffee or Milk Tea

For Daddy – Sprite or Milk Tea

I’m pretty sure we indulged in other snacks during quarantine (check my Instagram @withlovefromsza for a more updated day in the life), but these are my family’s favorite. So hopefully, you got an idea or two on what to whip up next, just in case.

How about you? What snacks do you prepare during quarantine? Maybe you can share it in the comments below.

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