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Visiting a pediatric dentist during a pandemic

I’ve been dying to have Dreu checked by a pediatric dentist since he had his first tooth. I know how important a dentist visit is, based on my personal experience. See, I don’t have the nicest teeth. Strong, yes, but not beautiful. It was because my permanent teeth overlapped with my baby teeth. I’ve needed braces ever since, but I never really had the chance to have braces (because it’s EXPENSIVE!)

Anyways, going back to Dreu, we’ve always planned to visit a pediatric dentist but every time we asked how much Oral Prophylaxis is, it would cost us ₱3,500 pesos. I have been searching for an affordable yet good pediatric dentist and finally, I found one. 

Kidsmile is a pediatric dental clinic in Cavite, Philippines. They have branches in Bacoor, Imus, and now in Dasmarinas (where we currently live). 

I also found out that they had a promotion last week for 50% off on Oral Prophylaxis so we took advantage of it. 

The Importance of Why Kids Need to Go to the Dentist

How did we set up our appointment with KidSmile

We sent them a message on their official Facebook page and they responded right away. They checked the available schedule and confirmed my appointment. They then sent me a couple of forms to fill up which basically includes patient information and medical history.

How we got there

We don’t have a car so we thought we’d take a Grabcar going to the clinic. However, our appointment was the day after Typhoon Ulysses so the services were still down. We rented a car instead. We can take the jeep but since the threat of COVID is still around us, I decided not to take that risk. So if you have a car, then it will be easier for you to go to their clinic. 

How much?

Oral Prophylaxis and Fluoride application normally costs ₱1,500 and their Infection Control System Fee is ₱300. Because of the promotion, we’re supposed to avail it with a 50% discount. Read more to find out why we weren’t able to get the discount.

Their clinic was clean and child-friendly. There is a television above the dental chair so the kids can watch while they have their teeth cleaned or extracted. 

They were also very particular about sanitizing the clinic, which is a good thing because of the pandemic. The dentists wore PPE. 

Only 1 parent is allowed inside but in our case, they allowed Tee and me. 

They had a presentation before they started touching Dreu’s mouth and explained to me his teeth growth and how to take care of it. She also asked questions regarding bottle-feeding or any dental habits like thumb sucking. We went through it fast as Dreu doesn’t bottle feed anymore and we stopped him early on pacifier so no thumb sucking.

Our experience

Because it was Dreu’s first visit, he was okay initially, but he screamed when the dentist approached his mouth. They were able to brush his teeth but after the constant struggle, they never really got the chance to clean and apply fluoride. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to have his teeth cleaned that day but we weren’t successful. 

I thought they were going to sedate Dreu because of his behavior. We thought they were going to find a way to calm him down but they asked us to reschedule instead. So rather than paying the whole amount, they asked us to just pay the ICS fee of ₱300 (hence no discount) and advised us to come back when the male doctor is around. I understand though because the female doctor is too small, she can barely handle Dreu. 

I think Dreu was not happy with the fact that we had to go knee to knee position. The dentist advised that I carry him on my lap, and have him lie down to the dentist facing up. I think he would’ve liked it better if they used the dental chair instead because we’ve been practising at home. So I am scared he might have dental anxiety. I really hope not. 

Things to remember when going to the dentist 

  • Plan your trip because it’s risky to take public transportation. Better if you have a car. If you don’t, you might want to take Grab or look for Car Rental Services.
  • Make sure to set up an appointment, do not just walk in at the clinic
  • Trust your gut because you know what your kid likes best. They may suggest positions on how to clean his teeth but you know your child. I thought that her suggestion would be better because she’s a professional but I should’ve gone with my gut. I mean look at that pic above, he liked it there already because of the TV above him. 

Clearly, it was harder to go to the dentist because of our current situation but I still think it is very important. I made a promise to better take care of his teeth though, moving forward. I have been taking care of his teeth but not as diligent as I should be. So, I’ll try so hard to change that. I actually just bought an electric toothbrush for him because a friend told me it makes the child brush their teeth more. We’ll see.

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