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I’m A Mom Freaking About The Coronavirus


Just this week, it was announced that 8 people from our condominium were positive from the Coronavirus. For 4 months of being quarantined, our community has been COVID-19 free. And when they’ve finally loosened the restrictions, that’s when it hit us.


We weren’t exempted, we were too careful. But now, since there were people infected on the other 3 buildings surrounding ours, I am so scared to go out. They were already sent to the isolation facilities but still

I was even more frightened when, if you recall, I shared that Dreu and I went swimming last week. Thankfully, they did not go to the swimming pool. But the infected people went on our clubhouse market, and clubhouse convenience store, which I can recall I went by those days.

So for now, every one of us has been on self-quarantine and observing whatever symptoms might appear. Apparently, even without symptoms, you have to do self-quarantine if you are exposed to someone who is diagnosed with COVID-19. In our case we weren’t in close contact, but we went to the same place so who knows.

The thing is, I am not scared for myself. I am afraid for Dreu and for Tee. Dreu is, well, a toddler. And Tee had a background on kidney stones, so he is very prone to renal failure. As for myself, sometimes, when you’re a mom, you don’t really think about yourself anymore, but you think about your family around.

And for the past few months, while the world is battling the coronavirus pandemic, I was actually proud of myself because I was never anxious about getting the virus. Tee and I both work at home, have our groceries delivered to us, our community has tons of preventive measures, so the possibility of us acquiring it is too small.

But since this happened, the possibility is more significant, and I am scared for my family.

Despite all that, I am making sure that we are always preventive and keeping safe from the coronavirus. We do this by:

  1. Washing hands before entering the building and disinfecting our slippers with the disinfecting mats found on our gates and building entrances.
  2. We use the misting spray (as it is optional).
  3. We directly go to the bathroom, removing all clothing, and taking a bath before engaging with the family.
  4. We wipe everything that is bought outside with disinfecting wipes. We use the one from ForceShield.
  5. We spray Lysol Disinfecting Spray on items purchased or delivered to us that aren’t food.
  6. We wear facemasks before leaving the unit.
  7. We don’t touch our face after touching anything else. It’s always: things —› sanitize.

This is our family’s new normal. And we will abide by it until the smart people in the medical field can create a vaccine or cure for the coronavirus. It’s hard to live this way. I know how hard it is for people whose income was affected because of the pandemic. I mean, I can’t say I know because I’m not in their shoes, but I can say that I can only imagine the trouble they’ve been to. I know because my parents who work in South Korea were stranded here in the Philippines, and they don’t have any source of income for now. Sadly, they were not qualified for the government’s amelioration program. I am trying my best to support them for now, and hopefully, they can already go back to their work in Korea.

And I really was hoping I could already enroll Dreu to a preschool because tbh, I am not one of those moms who enjoy being with their kids 24/7. I mean, let’s be honest, being around a toddler is so hard. So I was pretty excited to enroll him when the pandemic happened. Well, I guess we’ll homeschool for now and pray he can already go to an actual school with actual friends one day.

The coronavirus pandemic still scares the heck out of me. Tee and I haven’t really talked about what plans we have if ever *IN JESUS NAME!* one of us will catch the virus because it’s not really impossible. Maybe we’ll cross the bridge when we get there, but we’ll continue praying and do our part to help keep our family safe.

How about you? I just want to check in about how everyone’s doing with everything that’s going on around. It’s nice to have someone to talk to about it, especially if it’s making you really anxious. So feel free to comment down below and share your worries with me.

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  1. I agree, we have to be very vigilant. Keep safe, continue to trust God. I bet paranoia is lurking at the back of our head. It’s scary being in close proximity. take care..

    • It is really scary. Thanks for the kind words, Albert. Keep safe too.

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