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I keep Zonrox Color Safe at home and here’s why

If there’s one household item I make sure I don’t run out of stock — it’s the Zonrox Color Safe Bleach.

We use a lot of different products in cleaning every part of our home. I used to have a different cleaning product for the toilet, for the bathroom tiles, for kitchen counters, for the floor and everything else. It’s a bit expensive to buy them all, right?

Since I discovered Zonrox Color Safe Bleach, I use it in cleaning and disinfecting almost everything. Yes, not just the laundry. That’s right.

What is Zonrox Color Safe?

Zonrox is a brand that Filipinos sure are familiar since the beginning of time, or 60 years ago perhaps. I’m pretty sure even our grandparents know about this brand.

Zonrox Color Safe Bleach is one of the many variants of Green Cross’ Zonrox products. It is available in four sizes —30mL (sachet), 225mL, 450mL and 900mL (plastic bottle). 

Because it’s been in the market since 1960, Zonrox innovated a range of products to help our beloved households germ-free and stain-free and that’s why it’s very popular. 

This color-safe bleach is actually Oxygen Bleach or Sodium Percarbonate which means that one of its main components is Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) as we Filipinos commonly knew as “Agua Oxigenada/Oxinada.”

While Zonrox Color Safe Bleachg is primarily made for laundry, it can also disinfect and kill 99.9% of disease-causing germs and viruses. 



10 uses of Zonrox Color Safe Bleach

1. Remove Stain on Colored Clothes

Zonrox Color Safe Bleach is primarily made to remove hard stains on clothes that detergent can’t handle. Since the original Zonrox Bleach can fade colored clothes (because of course, it’s chlorine), and we always find ourselves having a basket of soiled or stained colored clothes, Zonrox Colorsafe is a great product to help us remove those stains. 

If there’s one grueling task I hate the most, it’s laundry. I’m not going to spend my entire day rubbing those stains away with my bare hands.

It can remove hard stains on clothes including: 

2. Remove floor grime

Let’s admit it, mopping your floor tiles with just water doesn’t seem to remove grimes and sticky foods that your toddler spilled during breakfast. Also, using detergent mixed with water makes it so hard to rinse off. 

“Dilute half a cup of Zonrox Color Safe in a bucket of water and use it to mop the floor.

Not only will it be easier for you to remove the dirt on the floor, it can also kill germs and viruses. It’s hitting two birds with one stone. You have a clean home, and you get to keep your family safe from viruses, and it’s not hard to rinse.

3. Clean Sink and kitchen counter

One of the busiest parts of our house aside from our living room filled with toys is our kitchen counter and kitchen sink. 

As much as I want to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen counters every after meal, it needs to wait until my work is done for the night. And because they’ve been sitting there for a few hours, it smells bad because of the odor from food. 

Zonrox Color Safe bleach is not meant to be used in utensils because it can harm us. However, as soon as you’re done with the dishes, pots and pans, you can use Zonrox Color Safe to clean your sink — kitchen or bathroom sinks. It removes the oil from foods. 
It also removes the bad smell in your kitchen.

I also dilute a teeny beety amount of Zonrox Color Safe bleach in a spray bottle and spray it over the kitchen counter, under the dish drainer and on the stove top. Then, I wipe it off with a wet cloth to remove residue.  It smells good and it’s sparkling clean.

4. Clean bathroom and remove mildew

Since Zonrox Color Safe is made to remove hard dirt, I use it when I brush the tiles on the bathroom. Bathroom tiles accumulate a lot of grime because they get wet everyday and in the long run, it forms mildew. Using Zonrox Color Safe diluted with water and brushing the bathroom tiles makes it easier for you to clean it. I use it to clean bathroom tiles, buckets and basins.

5. Cleaning toilet

Toilets are the most disgusting thing in my home aside from shoes. So while I’m brushing my bathroom tiles, I let Zonrox Color Safe undiluted, soak on the toilet so it can soften those yellow stains. Close it and let it sit for a few minutes while you’re cleaning the entire bathroom tiles and sink. Get back to it after a few minutes and brush it with your toilet brush. 

I also pour Zonrox Colorsafe in a cleaning cloth and wipe over the entire toilet.

6. Strengthen detergent’s cleaning power

Going back to laundry, sometimes, powder detergent is just not enough to clean your clothes. Ever noticed the bad smell on your clothes once it dries up? One possible culprit are the germs on the clothes. There still are plenty left as the washing machine wasn’t able to really take the dirt off 100%. 

It might also be because it wasn’t rinsed off thoroughly. So aside from making sure it was rinsed of thoroughly, meaning there are no more detergent residue and bubbles on the water, you can also dilute Zonrox Color Safe Bleach with water before you add your powder detergent and clothes in the tub. (In the philippines, we just pour it in the tub as we don’t normally use Automatic Washing Machines.)

This helps your detergent remove dirt and stains so your clothes won’t smell bad once it dries up. This is very useful most specially to condominium dwellers like us.

7. Clean Shoes

I have tried this on Tee’s Underarmour shoes and I’m not really sure if it’s advisable but it sure did it’s job. Mix liquid detergent with water, vinegar and Zonrox Color Safe Bleach and brush the shoes. It removed all the black gunk in his shoes. Rinse it properly with water and dry it under the sun. 


So if you’re looking to save on your budget by buying an all in one product that you can use in every part of your home like laundry, kitchen and even bathroom then Zonrox Color Safe Bleach is a great option and it’s the real deal.

Since I discovered this many uses of Zonrox Color Safe bleach, I literally stopped buying different products for every part of my house and it saved me tons. With this product, my fear of stains is gone as Zonrox really helped and brought magic to our home.

Have you ever tried Zonrox Colorsafe Bleach aside from removing stains? Do you know any other uses aside from the ones mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below!

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