Uni-Love Baby Wipes Review 

 August 1, 2020

By  szarenne

While I was browsing on Shopee for Dishwashing Liquid, I saw the Uni-Love Baby Wipes. Pretty sure this ain’t a very famous name when it comes to wipes which is why I made a review of the wipes.

I kept on changing and trying baby wipes because I want to see which ones are excellent in quality, not irritating and affordable. In short, I’m looking for an efficient one. I think we all are. 

Not just for the baby wipes, though, but even for diapers. Milk is something that I can’t experiment with because we know how sensitive their little tummies are, but with wipes, I can definitely shop around. I will be writing a list of all the wipes I tried and create short reviews about it.

But for now, let’s talk about the Uni-Love Baby Wipes.


Uni-Love Baby Wipes

These wipes are made by Uni-Care Hygienic Products Inc. They were established since 2003, and they claim to make every superior good affordable. They have product lines from baby wipes, dishwashing liquids, bottle cleansers, hand soaps to air fresheners, and a lot more.

According to their official Shopee Store:

Uni-Love Baby Wipes contains the natural properties of aloe vera, lanolin, and Vitamin E. It is natural, mild, and effective cleansing for your baby’s delicate skin and prevents rashes. It is also proved to have thicker and softer fabric than any ordinary wipes. It is suitable for hands, face, and body and for the nappy area.

Force shield is also a Uni-care Product

The UniLove Baby wipes come in different scents and quantities. They have the unscented variant, powder scent, and milk scent.

I actually prefer a baby wipe with a scent because Dreu’s a toddler already, and I’ve discovered that his skin is not as sensitive as other kid’s skin. Therefore, I can try scented wipes for him. We don’t use baby wipes as much as we did before, but we still do sometimes when he’s messy with the food he eats and with changing nappies. (Yes, he’s not potty-trained yet. Almost there. Lol!)

I purchased the powder scent variant.


Uni-Love Baby Wipes are priced at:

  • ₱86 for a 100’s pack
  • ₱67 for a 70’s pack
  • ₱36 for a 32’s pack
  • ₱19 for an 11’s pack

If you wanted to purchase one of the cheapest wipes out there, the Uni-Love Baby Wipes is your best bet. If we calculate the price per sheet, it’s only at 0.86 cents.


Their product description claims that it’s “thicker than other ordinary wipes” in the market. In my opinion, it’s not the thinnest I have seen but it definitely isn’t thicker than the other wipes. On it’s price range, there are baby wipes that are thicker than Uni-Love.

With the powder scent variant, it smells refreshing and subtle. If your nose is delicate, though, you may find it overpowering. What I like about it is that it doesn’t dry as fast as other wipes. Sometimes it takes me a while to wipe Dreu if there’s a mess on his face because he keeps on running, but the wipes I took are still wet, even after all that running and gymnastics. One trouble I had about the wipes is that I can’t seem to pull out just one wipe. Maybe because they’re thin and the scented liquid acts as an adhesive on the wipe, so every time I pull something, I end up taking 3-5 wipes that I don’t need. 

Verdict: Uni-Love Baby Wipes

I will rate the UniL-ove BAby Wipes 3.5/5. I just don’t like the fact that I am wasting a couple of wipes because they were pretty stuck to one another, and I also don’t like how thin it is. But the scent is perfect, and it does its job, which is what’s important. 

You can purchase the Uni-Love Baby Wipes in Lazada & Shopee.

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