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Sweetbaby Diaper Review: Quality Affordable Diaper Philippines

Are you on the lookout for affordable yet quality diapers? Do you know you can save money on diapers while making sure you don’t sacrifice comfort? Here's an honest review of Sweetbaby Active Dry Pants!
Sweet Baby Diaper Review Feat Image

Are you on the lookout for affordable yet quality diapers? Sweetbaby Diaper might just be the one you’re looking for.

I know —

Diapers just take a lot of our family’s budget. 25% of my bi-weekly grocery budget goes to diapers. 

Our babies consume an average of over thousands of diapers in their first year. The budget we set aside for diapers alone is getting bigger and bigger as they grow older.

How would you save money on diapers while making sure you don’t sacrifice comfort?

Sometimes, it’s one or the other.

Sweet Baby Diaper Review Feat Image

We want both.

As Moms, we look into a lot of things when choosing the best diapers.

Personally, these are my criteria when choosing which one I’d let my son use:

  • Absorption
  • Leakage
  • Comfort
  • Pricing

There are a lot of things to consider, and the younger they are, the more sensitive they are.

As much as I’d love to potty train my 2.9-year-old son, he’s just not ready yet.

We are currently using pants because he’s a very active little boy. There are a lot of options when it comes to diapers that you can buy at supermarkets in the Philippines and to be honest, I tried almost all of them — Imported and local, branded and store brands.

In my constant search for affordable yet quality diapers, I was given a sample of the SweetBaby Diaper at a Millennial Mom Ph’s Momtribe Meetup and I loved it.

In this post, I will be talking about why I chose SweetBaby Diaper for my son and why you should too if you want to save.

Why I Chose SweetBaby Diaper?

Sweet Baby Diaper

The Diaper I was talking about was the Sweetbaby Active Dry Pants.

And before anything else, let’s talk about packaging…

As soon as I saw the prints on the Sweetbaby diaper, I was attracted. I found it cute.

But of course, we have to look beyond the cuteness and check the actual diapers.

But since it’s packaging and prints are already nice, it’s a plus. Tbh, it doesn’t really look cheap.

They also managed to stack 24 diapers in a small pack with a polythene strip handle so it’s easy to carry (though I find most branded diapers has this too).

Anyhow, let’s review the actual diapers and see if it suits you.


According to the manufacturer, SweetBaby Diaper has Adequate Distribution Layer (ADL) which disperses fluid rapidly to reduce the baby’s exposure to wetness.

As I’ve observed with this diaper, Dreu can be very active and it takes hours before he has a heavy diaper.

However, when I change him before bed (maybe around 10 PM), it looks so heavy in the morning.

But even if it’s full, he never had a leak on it.

Because of its great absorption, I am spending way fewer diapers than normal because I don’t have to change his nappies every 2-3 hours.


Dreu only had a leak once with this diaper and he was wearing tight shorts at that time so the diaper was mispositioned.

However, I still think it’s great because he never had a leak in the morning so that means it can go up to 10 hours of wearing.

Dreu had more leaks with a branded diaper compared to this one.

Even with a runny poo, it doesn’t leak right away.

Take note that if you’re on the road and your kid’s wearing pants, there is a big possibility of leakage if there’s wet poo or if not changed after 4-5 hours.

One of the best things about this nappy is that it has elastic side guards that ensure security against leakage whether during baby’s playtime or sleeping time.

It also provides an all-around snug fit and comfort so pants stay in place, therefore avoiding leakage.


Among other criteria that I look into, comfort is the most important for me.

I hate it when Dreu gets a rash. I don’t want to make him uncomfortable most specially in his bum and private area.

We’ve been using SweetBaby Diaper for 3 months now and so far, Dreu never had a rash with this diaper.


No Rash!

Even when I forget to change him sometimes.

We only change once at night till morning, and sometimes, after his morning bath, it takes 5-6 hours before I change him — he doesn’t complain and no rashes.

SweetBaby Diaper also has Liquid Lock Technology — a state of the art magic gel from Japan which absorbs fluid, keeping baby dry and preventing rashes, which I think is the reason why Dreu never had a rash with this diaper.

I also make sure that he’s on the right size so he won’t get any red marks around his thigh or tummy area from the diaper, and so far Sweetbaby’s sizing has been accurate for Dreu.


For an XL Pants, it only costs ₱8.98 per diaper when it’s on its regular price. Its normal price is ₱647 for 72 pieces but they usually go on sale.

When I bought this diaper recently (remember the 9.9 sale?), it only cost me ₱6.70 per diaper. Now I’m waiting for the 10.10 sale again to buy it on a discounted price.

Imagine the savings I got for this sale, I only spent 700 in total for 3 packs of diapers and 3 packs of Sweetbaby Premium Wipes.

A branded diaper that you can purchase in supermarkets normally cost ₱9 — ₱12 each.

Sweetbaby comes in a 20+4 piece diaper per pack. So far, this is the only quantity I saw.

Will I purchase Sweetbaby Diaper again?

Of course!

Well, as long as my son’s still in diapers, I definitely will.

I bought this diaper 4 times now (always on SALE)! And it saved me tons on my budget.

Aside from that, its quality is superb. They claim it’s Japan Quality and in my observation, I think they were able to live up to that standard.

Also, SweetBaby has premium baby wipes so I always purchase one whenever I order diapers so I get the free shipping! I don’t have to worry if I run out of baby wipes.

Orders from them are also processed quickly, so I usually wait 3-4 days to get the diapers. I always order once I open my last pack so I don’t run out out of stock.

I rate the SweetBaby Diaper 4.5/5.

Have you ever tried the SweetBaby Diaper? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. kakaorder ko lng po today sa shopee haha actually nagdadalwang isip ako kasi nga hndi kilala, pero nung nabasa ko po ito hndi na ako nagworry na baka masayang ang pera ko. 🙂 Hopefully maghyang sa baby ko kasi base on your review it is really a good deal 🙂

    • Sana mahiyang si baby mo! ? Ako nakailang order na. ☺️

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