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June Life Update & My Favorite Purchases

I was supposed to create a weekly update like I normally do. But since we’re quarantined and there’s nothing much going on in our lives, I’ve decided to create a Monthly Update instead and I guess I’ll be doing this moving forward.

When I started writing this blog post, my mind went blank and I totally have no idea what to write. That’s the thing about being a mom — you get drained and your mind just shuts off.

Okay, the “not really much going on” is a lie, there’s a lot going on but they’re too personal to share.

Nonetheless, I’d love to share the highlights and, of course, the positive things.

I mean, we all can use a little positivity, right? ?

Life Update


I am determined to regain control of my life and my family; and I will do everything in my power to do just that.

There’s a really long story behind this but I’d prefer not to go into details.

Let’s just say, these past few months, I wasn’t able to take control of my family because of several reasons. I can barely move in my own home, I can hardly make decisions, and breathing seems like an extremely difficult thing to do.

The problem took care of itself but some relationships were damaged.

But, hey, a mom’s gotta do what’s best for her family even when there are family members (not mine) who think otherwise.

I apologize for being so broad on this one, it’s too personal and I don’t want to name names. But it’s good to finally let that out.

To make the long story short, these events took a toll on my mental health, and depression struck again.

I can’t move. My mind was in chaos. I’ve been crying all night…

Until I decided to take the command back. I am a mother and I should never feel like I’m living under somebody else’s skirt. I will never let someone else take that away from me.

Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash

Now, more than ever, I have learned to:

  1. Fight for what I want ?
  2. Fight for what I think is best for my family, of course with communication with my partner ?‍?‍?
  3. Say “No” if I don’t want to ❌
  4. Stop obsessing about what other people think of me ?
  5. Not settle just because it’s easier ?


Dreu has been spending less time on the phone and more time playing with his toys.

Right now, he’s still on to cars but I really want to diversify and expand his horizons.

We loved going out — walking and swimming. But because of the virus, we’re still anxious to go out. The government has already placed our city under General Community Quarantine, which means that there are fewer restrictions but our condominium is still taking precautionary measures. And we understand, and we totally abide by it.

So yeah, no outdoor activities yet — just a few minutes of walking.

So I decided to put my graphic design skills to work and create worksheets & flashcards for him. Thus, Issyl Prints is born. I have shared my work on Facebook so other moms can use it too and I am so glad they’ve found it useful.

Because of that, I have also opened an Etsy Shop for these printables but I don’t have sales yet. So if you want to check it out, click here to go to my store.

I want to expand this and focus on creating and sharing worksheets.

Tee, on the other hand, also opened his ticketing business, and even when we’re still on quarantine and the airports are still closed, we are hoping that this will be a good venture.

We’ll all take advantage of travel once this virus is done, right?

Here’s the link to Issyl Travels, if you want to book a flight, or if you have questions about current travel restrictions.

And, ooh, by the way, Dreu choked on a coin. It was scary. I’ll write about that soon…


I have started writing about my goals so I can hold myself accountable.

This year 2020, I have written my 2nd quarter goals in the blog and I am happy to share that I was able to reach some of my goals.

Here are some of the goals that I was able to reach:


So, whatever your goals are, may it be big or small. You can definitely achieve it if you put hard work to it.

Here are a few tips I could share to help you achieve your goals:

  1. Start small. It doesn’t matter how small your first steps would be, as long as you are moving towards your goal, you are getting closer to reaching your dreams. Building the momentum is remarkably significant and you can only do that if you start small. Once you’ve reached your small goals, you’ll be more passionate and excited to reach the big ones.
  2. Prioritize consistency. While you are starting small, make sure to be consistent. Consistency is more important than volume. You don’t want to exhaust yourself by doing tons of work all at once to reach your goal faster. If you burden yourself with more work, you are setting yourself up to failure.
  3. Have a system. This is foolproof. If you have a system, you are helping yourself be accustomed to the things that are essential in reaching your dreams. Having a system means that you don’t have a conclusive point, which implicates that the system will be a part of your life and it will help you be better in the long run.

What I’m Currently Up To?


I am not reading any books as of the moment, but I’m really enjoying Quora during my spare time. There are plenty of questions raised and you’ll be amazed by the response. Plus, there are tons of life hacks in Quora that are written by actual people. Hence, they have been proven to be useful and legit.

Here are sample answers from a question asking “What’s the best parenting advice?

See? Very helpful advice. You just have to make sure to take the ideas with a grain of salt. But I am enjoying it. ?


I’ve been trying to finish writing about my favorite toddler finds but once in a while I just run out of motivation and enthusiasm to do so. I will do my best to write more helpful articles for Work-at-home moms or moms that are looking for a legit remote job while taking care of their kids.

I am so delighted when I received a message on Facebook from a reader that she’s been reading my WAHM articles and it has been very useful to her, so she’s been trying to apply for remote jobs and even asking for tips from me.

I am sure more moms needed these types of post and I will be writing more about it soon. I am creating blog posts about everything you need to know about working from home including payments, sample resumes, and tips on interviews. Let me know in the comments what helpful posts for WAHM would you like to see more from me.


I am currently working on my project to help toddlers write. This project includes tracing line printables and worksheets on alphabet and number writing.

I am trying to improve it because I still think the arrows are confusing. lol. Any ideas?

I am also designing Social Media Templates for me to reuse every time I publish a post. I am working on being consistent with my blog branding. I am so terrible at this.

The number one problem designers face is that we have tons of creative ideas and we want to do it all — even when these ideas weren’t really in line with our branding. We (or I) also tend to spend a lot of time creating social media graphics from scratch because I find the process enjoyable.

The bad thing about it is we spend a lot of time doing instead of spending that time working on something productive.


Tee and I were just watching Pamilya Ordinaryo on Netflix which, by the way, is a great indie film. It’s just dreadful that we’re left by a very hanging ending. Nevertheless, if you want to know more about the lives of real-life street children, you should def watch this film.

I am also currently binge-watching Jane the Virgin. I haven’t really watched this TV show before because I thought it wasn’t good but turns out it was a very funny series. I am still on season 1 episode 9. Yeah, yeah, I know this is an old TV show but, hey! ?

If I feel demotivated and tired, I watch Clean My Space on YouTube. This channel by Melissa Maker helps me clean our home with less effort but effective still. So if ever that you get too exhausted in cleaning your space, watch the videos on her channel. She has a copious amount of tips on cleaning and recipes on DIY all-purpose cleaners that apparently, in my experience, works better than commercial cleaning solutions.

I am so gratefulI found this channel.


Doing one thing at a time, in the most productive way.

I’ve been trying to analyze how I get so much done before.

I can clean our house, take care of Dreu, cook food and get blog posts published.

I have realized that I have been using the Pomodoro Technique before and it was so helpful.

I want to write more about this technique soon. I am sure this will be very helpful.

My Favorite Purchases This Month

Acer Swift 3 Laptop

As I mentioned above, I was able to reach my goal to buy a new laptop this quarter.

I purchased the Acer Swift 3 and I loved it. We are Acer users since then and I am sure this is a great buy. It was inexpensive too. It cost us less than 30,000.

Do you want me to write a review? Let me know in the comments below.

Sunnies Specs (Henri on Cedar)

I got myself new specs because my old one finally gave up. Here’s my new eyeglass, with a whole new (higher) prescription-grade ? from Sunnies Specs.

I have also added a Screen Safe Filter because the doctor said that one of the possible reasons why my prescription-grade keeps on increasing is because I never had a blue light filter on my glasses before while I face my computer or phone almost 16 hours a day,

Sunnies Specs Henri on Cedar
Isn’t she beautiful? Henri on Cedar

Scotch Brite Quick Sweep

Because I was watching Clean My Space, I have learned from Melissa that it’s more convenient to invest in tools that can do more work for you. One of the tools she mentioned is a flat mop with a microfiber cloth. I decided to buy the Scotch Brite Quick Sweep and it was very helpful.

Now I can get dust off our floor while mopping it at the same time. ?

Mr. Clean Microfiber Cloths

Also bought from Ace Hardware and influenced by Clean My Space (okay, I know I sound like I’m promoting the channel, but it’s been very beneficial to me so you should watch it too).

It’s a little pricey and needed a lot of tender loving care but very very useful in cleaning. I am happy I discovered microfiber cloths. Where have you been all my life?

Now, I don’t have actual photos because they’re a bit dirty and I forgot to take photos but this is the same one I got.

June 2020

June never held back. This month squeezed the life out of me. I have learned a considerable amount of lessons this month and hopefully, July will be a better one. I am so excited to share with you these amazing finds and all the tips I have learned to help you manage your life as a young working mom.

It’s crazy, honestly, but if you have someone to learn from and talk to — it gets better.

How was June for you? Feel free to comment below and we can chat about it. ?

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