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How to Start Being a Work-at-Home Mom

You might be here looking for a push to finally start to be a work-at-home mom while taking care of your kids.

No more commuting, and no more trouble with workmates. No more worries that you can’t take care of your kids when they’re sick, or you won’t be beside them at night.

It’s a dream to work while taking care of them, and it’s sweet to think that you can finally quit your 9-5 job.

You can work anytime, anywhere (if your job permits). You can travel and have a great lifestyle while providing what your family needs. It just has tons of benefits.ย 

I am not here to offer you any jobs. I have written this startup guide to help you start build your profile from scratch if you have no idea where to start.

How I Started (backstory)

Working at home is not my first job. I have been in the BPO industry for almost five years before becoming a work at home mom. I decided to try it when I was pregnant with Dreu last 2016.

I was employed at that time in a company as a Team leader/ supervisor, but I was already taking my maternity leave.

I was advised to be on bed rest due to some complications in my pregnancy. I know I will have my SSS Maternity Benefit, but it just isn’t enough. Also, being on bed rest means that I need to be on leave, but they won’t pay me.

I need to buy clothes for my son, newborn essential, and all that. I decided to browse the web on how I can earn money from home. Fortunately, Tee has a stable internet connection and computer, which I can use.

So I created my resume and applied for a job. After two days, I received an email about one of my applications. Someone was interested in my skills even though I don’t have any experience. I mean, I have experience but not as a Virtual Assistant. Nevertheless, I gave it a try. Since I was starting and I have no idea how much it pays, I just gave it a go even though it only pays $2.5 per hour.

We set up a Skype interview, and the client hired me. We had contracts and all. I was scared at first if it was a scam, but since my client offered to pay me after my first week as proof followed by bi-weekly payments through Paypal, I agreed.

It was my first job as a VA, but I am already multi-tasking. I work graphic designs for him, edit his Youtube videos, manage his WordPress sites, create articles, write subtitles, process invoices, process orders. Let’s say I am a jack-of-all-trades.

I was happy with that job until I gave birth, and I need to take some time off. Of course, my client’s business needs to continue, and he needs someone to do the job for him, so he decided to let me go.

After some time off, I decided to be a work-at-home mom again, and I got a job as a Customer Service Manager for a drop shipper. I also work for my second client as a product lister for his store. The plus side is that it is not full time, and I only need to work 5 hours max every day with weekends off.

As new parents, we both struggle on how we can earn and take care of our family at the same time. We both have stable office jobs, but it just isn’t working for us.

“Four years later, I am still a work-at-home mom. I am currently a website designer and website manager. My husband is also a work-at-home dad as a Content Manager and Automation Expert. It was a life-changer for us.”

If it was possible for me, then it’s not impossible for you. Sometimes, you have to take the long road and start from scratch, but it’s all worth it.

Step by Step Starter Guide to be a Work-at-Home Mom (Applying for a Home-based Job)

Just like any newbie, I was having trouble at first, but I made a step, and the payoff is much bigger than the sacrifice.

Evaluate Your Skills (Tech and Non-Tech)

It is essential to know what skills you can offer your clients.

Take into consideration what your previous jobs are. Did you work as an admin assistant? Are you a teacher? Do you know necessary computer software like Google Sheets and Google Docs? Are you familiar with designing software like Canva or Adobe Photoshop? Do you type fast? Do you know how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest? Have you worked in the customer service industry?

Whatever skills you have, list them down and include them in your profile. Sza, why do I have to do all that?

Here’s why.

  1. So you will know what type of jobs you will look for.
  2. So the clients will know if you’re a good fit for them.
  3. You will have a work-at-home job you’ll love, and you know what they say about working a job you love ๐Ÿฅฐ

This will give you the motivation to do your job still, even when they are monotonous at times.

Create your online profile

The next step you have to do is to create a profile on online VA platforms. This is how you will apply and look for a client.ย 

These are some of the many sites where you can create your profile and look for a client:ย 


Include your experiences when creating your profile, and don’t forget to flaunt those skills.ย 

Search jobs according to your expertise (some don't need experience)

Since you’ve already signed up and made your online profile, you can now search for jobs that fit your skills. There are a lot of jobs available for people with no VA experience. You can work-at-home as a transcriptionist, data encoder, customer service manager (great for people with BPO experience as it is somehow similar), ESL teacher (for graduates), lister for dropshipping clients, and a lot more.

This is a sample job listing from online job

Read the job description thoroughly, and research the client if needed to make sure it is not a scam job post.

Submit your cover letter and resume.

You can submit up to 10 applications daily in

ย “Pro-tip: Any job posts that ask you to pay an initial payment is a scam.”

Create a catchy resume and cover letter

Once you find a job that fits you, you need to send your cover letter and resume. You can show your expertise through these alone.ย 

A good cover letter and a catchy resume will catch a client’s attention, and you get a higher chance of being considered for the post.ย 

Make sure to include important details on your resume, such as your job experiences, even if it’s not an online experience. An admin staff experience can help you get that Admin Assistant or Executive Assistant role you’re applying for, or that BPO experience can get you that Customer Service job. Anything relevant for you to sell yourself to the clients โ€” include it in your resume.ย 

Your cover letter needs to be formal, smart, and confident but not arrogant.ย 

Prepare for the interview

As soon as a client considers your application, expect an email from them regarding an interview. They will usually ask you to schedule a video call through Skype/Zoom.ย 

Make sure to give them a schedule where your kids won’t disturb you. I usually set meetings during my son’s naptime, so I am sure that he won’t bother me. Or you can also ask someone to entertain your son while you’re in an interview. A separate home office is very beneficial for work-at-home moms during client meetings.ย 

Final Words...

While these steps would surely give you a headstart on being a work-at-home mom, your motivation and skills would matter a lot. And of course, a computer/laptop and a stable internet connection.ย 

It may be a bit hard sometimes, or it might take you a little while before a client considers you, but don’t give up. You will get that work-at-home job eventually, and you can earn while taking care of your kids.

Let them be our motivation and not an excuse for us to stop achieving our dreams.

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