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How We Keep Our 3-year-old Entertained During Quarantine

Pillows. Blankets. And everything in between.

If there’s one thing that Dreu hated, it’s staying inside our unit for the entire day.

We know how kids want to have different sceneries every day, right? Or is it just mine?

It’s a struggle to keep young ones entertained every day, but it’s twice as hard most especially during these times where we cannot go out of our homes.

Before, I could always let him go out to the playground or go to the swimming pool. He usually sleeps right after swimming, and that takes up 2-3 hours of our time.

But our current situation doesn’t allow him to go to the playground or the pool or the mall.

I know. I have read posts on 50,000 ways on how to keep your child entertained while we’re all on quarantine. Most of them include baking, crafting, making Dalgona coffee, and gardening. I have a three-year-old that doesn’t have an interest in any of those.

So since we’re not baking or crafting or gardening, how do I keep a hyperactive child entertained while we’re stuck at home:

01. Wheels round and round

This involves singing the national anthem “wheels on the bus” while he plays with his toy truck’s tires.

Dreu still loves playing with his toy trucks and cars. One of his dump trucks only has three wheels out of 6, but he still plays with it.

He spends his morning checking up on the tires of his trucks, cement mixers, and trailer trucks as if he’s a mechanic. And you’ll hear the “my wheels are broken?” or “Daddy’s broken?” Every. Single. Time.

Though sometimes he confuses real things like remote controls, laptops, laundry baskets or washing machines with toys, it doesn’t matter to me anymore as long as he gives me 60 silent minutes while I enjoy my ‘mandatory’ hot cup of coffee.

02. Submarine Blankets

His new, unusual favorite are blankets — those thick blankets. He goes under the blanket and just sits there and pretends he’s in a submarine. 

Sometimes, or should I say most of the time, I am required to go with him under that thick blanket. 

We stay there for about 30 minutes, and it just gets so hot. This by far is the worst way of entertaining him, but he loves it so much — who am I to object. 

This is one of the longest minutes of my life, where 30 minutes have gone by him, but it was an eternity for me.

03. YouTube Kids

This includes two-hour replays of London Bridge, Wheels on the Bus, and the Finger Family. He does this over the television, computer or on my phone. 

This allows me to take a shower or get uninterrupted work time. I don’t think this makes me a bad mother, but it sure makes me a productive one. 

04. 'Munching'

My picky eater was gone. He now opens the fridge 10,000x every day to check if there’s new food to eat.

He takes his time while eating, so I added it here. He loves biscuits, ice creams, and yogurts. His favorite is the Yakult Probiotic drink and Dutchmill. He also eats whatever we have for lunch.

He munches on eggs. He loves eggs.

He sits on the corner quietly while he eats his snack.

05. Pillow Tower

This activity includes stacking pillows on top of another in an attempt to create a tower. He piles them up, and once done, he climbs on them and jumps up high.

I love this activity. Wanna know why? This takes so much of his energy, and it exhausts him before bed.

He’s a hyperactive kid, so he needs to release his energy in order for him to calm down and fall asleep. It’s so hard for me to put him to bed unless all the lights are turned off, and everyone’s trying to settle down too.

06. Afternoon Walk

I don’t mean the mall or outside our premises. It’s just within our condo.

Our admin allowed specific walk time in the afternoon in an attempt for us to stretch our legs so long as proper social distancing is being followed and everyone’s wearing a mask.

So this is the time for Dreu to walk outside, even in a limited time.

07. Picking Flowers

Fortunately, our community has enough flowers to pick on, and they allow the kids too.

Dreu loves his flowers. We ask him to pick different flowers, and he identifies their color. This activity exercises his ability to distinguish colors.

He brings the flower home as a gift to his dad or me. A sweet young boy.

08. Alphabets & Numbers

This activity includes me writing down numbers and alphabets in my spring notebook. He reads them and studies them.

If he’s tired of his flashcards, he asks me to write down alphabets and numbers in a notebook.

09. Flashcard Line-Up

This involves lining up flashcards (that we got from SM) in numerical order without a miss.

If one number is missing, it’s war.

So I make sure those number flashcards are complete before giving it to him.

10. Books

I think he already mastered all his books, but we still let him reread them. 

It’s either theFirst Words or The Three Little Pigs book by Little Hippo Books. For those who are asking about the book, we got it from the Big Bad Wolf.

He enjoys reading, so why not? I mean, he just reads some of the words and then browses through the picture, but still, it keeps him entertained. 

11. Moving Boxes

No, not the small ones. But those big moving boxes.

We have two at home. We put him inside the box, and he plays with his cars inside.

This takes so much space, so you’re lucky if you have a more significant floor area.

12. Washy Washy

This includes a shower, a basin, or what we call ‘palanggana.’ Or simply a “bath.”

His bath time. He calls it “washy washy. ‘

We have to make sure he brings his trucks while he “carwash” them.

And that’s our desperate attempt in keeping this little boy entertained during this quarantine season. It’s hard work. We don’t homeschool yet, which is a plus, but I was secretly hoping he’s old enough to entertain himself. 

Nevertheless, I try as much as I can to help him enhance his creativity and imagination. I don’t care if the house is a mess so long as he’s happy and entertained. I’m not alone in this, am I?

Then maybe one day, one day, we’ll resort to baking, crafting, gardening and 50,000 other things in those lists. 😊

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