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Help Plant Trees With Your Phone Using Gcash Forest

According to statistics52,000 trees are lost in the Philippines every single day. But recently, more Filipinos have been heedful and wanted to help our country day by day. We made efforts to help Manila Bay, Pasig River, reduce plastic by using Paper bags in groceries and department stores, using paper straws among others. But do you know that we can help plant trees? Have you ever heard of Gcash Forest?

Our generation has realized how important it is to help save our environment.

Specifically our trees.

Aside from reducing waste, using eco-friendly products and using single-use items, we wanted more of that. More Filipinos, most especially Millenials wanted to help plant trees but unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to find an organization you can join to help plant trees. It’s kind of hard to look for an activity where we can actively join so we can help save our planet.

Gcash has made its effort to be a part in restoring our forests and we can help be a part of the solution for this country’s problem.

Gcash has a new initiative in partnership with The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BOIFIN) called the GCASH FOREST (GForest).

What is the Gcash Forest?

Gcash Forest or commonly known as GForest is a new feature by Gcash that gives us, consumers, the power and opportunity to grow real trees — all through the Gcash App.

Tee and I were very happy that Gcash came up with this initiative.

Tee and I have been very fond of Gcash because it really helps us save time to go to the store and purchase prepaid load. It also saves me the time I spend falling in line at banks to make deposits +  there are a lot of vouchers we can use to avail discounts.

Cashless lifestyle has made our parenting life much easier. 

And I am so happy to know that Gcash made this kind of initiative.

With this feature, a tree will be planted — actual trees. ?

Gcash will plant actual trees at the Ipo Watershed. Ipo Watershed is located within the Angat Watershed Forest Reserve in Norzagaray, Bulacan. Its forest cover has dramatically halved in recent years, threatening the wildlife, biodiversity, and communities residing in the area.

For every green energy points you earn, you can choose a native tree to adopt or plant. Once you’ve reached the green energy points needed for your chosen tree, one real tree will be planted for each tree grown.

How do I become a part of the Gcash Forest Initiative?

Step 1. Download the GCash App.

Step 2. Click the GForest icon on your Gcash App and Read the GForest User Agreement, and tap on I Want to Help!

Step 3. Switch to green activities to reduce waste.

Step 4. Collect your green energy points to grow your tree. You earn this through activities you make using your Gcash App that reduces carbon footprint. Whenever you do green or eco-friendly actions you will earn green energy.

However, collect the energy as soon as possible as they will disappear after 24 hours.

Step 5. Plant a tree.

Click the Plant button to see all the available trees that can currently be planted. Then, click on the tree you want to plant to see the species name, the energy required to plant it, the area you can plant it inthe species description, and how much more energy is needed to plant.

Step 6. Once you’ve reached the energy points required, Gcash will plant actual trees for you.

How do I collect green energy?

You have a lot of options in collecting energy, some examples are:

  • Bank Transfer (partnered with Instapay)
  • Buying prepaid load
  • Paying your utility bills through Gcash
  • Paying your purchases with GCash using QR or barcode
  • Walking (once your health app is connected)

Gcash Forest Collaboration

Aside from earning energy points through walking, bank transfer and buying prepaid loads, you can also earn green energy points with Gcash Forest Collaboration with their partner establishments. Activities include bringing your own tumbler, bringing your own eco bag, and using reusable utensils.

I’m going green!

I am so happy that Gcash came up with this initiative. Though I may not be able to really go near the watershed and plant the trees, I am able to help plant actual trees through this feature.

As a mom, I want my son to live on a planet where there are less flooding, less pollution, and more helping hands. We don’t have any other planet waiting once this one has been destroyed.

Also, we have experienced lots of calamities that proves how damaged our environment’s existing condition has been, but it’s never too late to start helping our planet.

As for me, I am making a pledge to plant #OneTreeAtATime.

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