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Friday Five: Kindness

5 random musings & life updates.
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In my desperate attempt to create a series in the blog, I have created a monthly update with my favorite purchases and now, I will be having the Friday Five. I first saw it on bloglovin‘ and it’s a nice way of writing random thoughts for the week that I want to share but I don’t know where to put them.

In line with this, I have also realized that the main reason why I want to blog is to document my family’s life, and I don’t see that being on the blog lately. I was so focused on my niche that I forgot the main reason why I was blogging — to make it an avenue where I can express my thoughts and hopefully, other moms would learn from my experience. So here goes Friday Five and I will write whatever random highlights and ideas I want to write, I can write it here.

1. We went swimming again after 6 months

Our condo’s pool was closed even before the quarantine due to COVID-19. Remember when Taal Volcano erupted last June 12, 2020, and it rained ashfall throughout Metro Manila? We were *slightly* affected by the ashfall, and the pool turned grey. They drained it and supposed to open it again once the volcanic ashfall stops. But after that incident, we were hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic and well, quarantined.

So after six long months of no swimming, our condo decided to open it with a very tight schedule per cluster and a minimal number of people allowed. Of course, with all the necessary precautions still in place. Dreu was so delighted. I can see it on his face.


One of my fears as a mom is if my son will grow up with attitude problems, and I may not know how to deal with it. I pray about that every night.

Last week when we were swimming, Dreu wants to play with the other kid’s rubber ducky. When the kid threw it, he got the chance to pick it up. I asked him politely to give it to the kid, and I was amazed at how he dealt with it.

Slowly, he went near the child and gave the toy. Then he said “Thank You.”

He had a wide smile on his face before going back to me.

That moment was unforgettable for me as a mom.

I knew I am doing something right.

I hope he won’t change but as parents, Tee & I will continue to teach him with kindness, with hopes that he will carry it with him when he grows up.

3. Online grocery for the win

Since I tried ordering our grocery online through Waltermart Delivery, I never went back to physically going to the supermarket to buy our supplies. Tee & I realized that this is an excellent time-saver and even budget efficient for us.

Because we can see the total amount during checkout, we know if we’ve overspent or not. Unlike when we go to the supermarket, we are prone to impulse buying and going out of our budget.


We have now transitioned from eating white rice to eating brown rice. I tried introducing it to Dreu and Tee, and luckily, they liked it. I am having trouble with my diet because of my low blood sugar, so I need to make real changes. We also ditched the white bread and switched to whole grain.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Based on my research (that means a sleepless night of Googling), brown rice is healthier than white rice because it’s more abundant in fiber, antioxidants, and complex carbs, which is very beneficial to a diabetic person like me.

In a family where rice is a staple, I have to find healthier alternatives as opposed to the “empty” carbs from white rice. I order our brown rice at WalterMart Delivery during my weekly grocery shopping, or online through Shopee. Here’s the link.


I forgot to take photos again because my phone’s camera is broken (again) but I found this shop that sells affordable and great-tasting coffee in Shopee. Before I spend โ‚ฑ400 per 250g of coffee from Starbucks. Then I tried another brand named Gourmet Farms and I didn’t like it that much so I looked for coffees online.

I saw this shop that sells Authentic Arabica Coffee from Baguio and Kapeng Barako from Batangas for a very cheap price. They sell 500 grams of Kapeng Barako for only โ‚ฑ170. Imagine? And since Tee and I consume a lot of coffee, this is a very great deal for us.

Here’s the link to the shop:

That’s it for this week. See you again next week.

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