Meet Sza


I’m Szarenne. Sza for short. I’m a BPO supervisor turned mother at the age of 22. Just in time when I was climbing the corporate ladder, the line on the test turns two. I never thought I could make, but here I am.

I am originally from Davao City but after giving birth, we moved. Now, I am based in Metro Manila, Philippines together with Tee, my partner, and Dreu, our son. I spend most of my time mommying, and at the same time working as a website designer and graphic designer at home. If not working, I spend my days blogging.

Before I became a MOM….

  • I was a 3rd-year student of Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I stopped due to financial reasons but hopefully will be able to finish my degree before I turn 30.
  • I was a BPO Supervisor handling a Canadian Telecommunications Account. I’ve been in the BPO industry for 5 years. My last career was being a Fraud Specialist at JP Morgan & Chase, Phils.
  • In my spare time, I write stories and inspirational posts on Tumblr. Either that or I play the piano. Oh, yeah, I play guitar, bass guitar, and the piano. I also do graphic designs for our church.


  • I decided to settle as Work-at-Home so I can take care of my son while I earn.
  • I am a graphic & website designer, illustrator, and WordPress manager.

Why I blogged?

This blog was created because I know that there is an anxious mom out there, who doesn’t have any idea what she’s doing. Hoping, and wishing that there is someone (not closely related but good enough) who she can be friends with.

I want to be that mom. The mom who empowers. The reason I blogged in the first place is the idea of young moms getting the same feelings that I have. The anxiety, the depression, the loneliness. And trust me, it was hard, truly. And it’s okay to pause, to cry, to lie down…

So if you’re that mom, you found the place where we can be real about how hard motherhood is. Because indeed, it isn’t rainbows and unicorns. You can’t do it all.

I also talk a lot about working from home because, well, Tee and I are working from the comfort of our home and it was life-changing!

More About Me


I am a typical Filipina who is just 5’0″ tall. I enjoy wearing heels most days to cover up that fact.


I love my coffee fresh brewed using a French Press. I take it black or with a little cream if I feel like it (and in cute coffee mugs). Iced or hot – doesn’t matter.


I am Grey’s Anatomy obsessed and I’ve watched the show more than 5 times now. Being a doctor is a dream I haven’t yet fulfilled. Idk, I really feel some Meredith in me.


You can find me taking care of my wonderful yet feisty threenager (because he’s three but acts like a teenager). Either we’re playing under the blanket or just chillin’ &watching YouTube.


I hate raisins, marshmallows, anything with strawberry and my husband. lol.


I’m obsessed with wallets (I have tons), my Pilot G-Tec c3 pen, and my French Press.


Purses are my love language. But I’ll never say no to a Double Double, JCO doughnut, Chocolate Cake, SNR Pizza and Ice Cream.


Having The SM Store, McDonalds, Landmark, Starbucks and Landers within walking distance from my house.

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