I'm Szarenne —
content creator & graphic designer.
I am the creative behind Love From Sza.

My goal is to help homebased moms, like you, develop your graphic design skills even when you don't have a design degree. so you can impress your clients, potential clients and grow your freelancing career.

Motherhood, Blogging, Graphic Design and me.

This blog was originally created as an outlet for my anxiety and postpartum depression. It then turned into a lifestyle blog. I’ve worked with schools and brands like TravelBook, International British Academy & Millennial Moms Ph. 

I loved what I am writing about but I think it’s time to embrace what I really loved the most, graphic design. My goal is to help, homebased moms, like me, level up their skills on graphic designing.

I’ve been working home based (on&off) for almost 4 years now and my job revolves around graphic designs, website designs and Wordpress management. 

My days now consist of taking care of my son, being a wife & partner to Tee, and freelance work.