My 2020 2nd Quarter Goals 

 April 27, 2020

By  szarenne

I’m pretty sure 2020 hasn’t lived up to our expectations. Maybe a year ago, or last Christmas we never thought this is how our new year’s gonna be.

Now we’re home due to the Coronavirus Pandemic — no malls, no swimming pools, no travels, everything just stopped.

It’s like we’re stuck in a circumstance without any idea if we’re gonna make it.

I have learned to cherish this moment instead because of the time we can spend with our families.

And no matter the circumstances, it should never stop us from achieving our goals.

Actually, I think it’s the best time to make goals. These goals drive us to continue living and to keep us busy and occupied.

Imagine living a life without a goal? There’s no journey, there’s no happiness.

So no matter how small your goals are, work on them and never get discouraged.

I don’t know why I said all that but I just want to share my quarterly goal here in my blog to keep accountability and of course to monitor my journey. The first step in achieving my goal is to write them down in a place where I can revisit it regularly so I keep myself accountable.

The best plans are useless if we don’t take action and work on it.

It’s almost May so I gave myself a bit of leeway to reach my goals probably around July or August.

My Quarterly Goals

1. Buy a new laptop.

Our old one gave up so I think it’s time to buy a new one, and something that’s mine

2. Blog twice a week.

— or more. One for the Work-At-Home Mom series and one for other categories. I want to keep writing so I can encourage more moms.

3. Pay my government dues.

Since I’m already self-employed, I need to personally take care of my government dues like SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth and TAXESSSSS. So I will make sure to settle them before this quarter ends. 

Plus, I have an SSS Salary Loan that I need to pay off starting June. Here’s how to apply for one.

4. Have my own workspace once we move.

I mentioned here that I don’t have my own workspace yet, so my goal is to have one once we move out of our condo which should happen after the Enhanced Community Quarantine. I already bought my computer chair which I find really comfortable so I just need a new room so I can set my workspace up.

5. Lose weight.

I think this isn’t happening until we move out because I don’t have a space to work-out on, not allowed to jog/run, and the gym’s closed. What I’m trying now is just to eat less rice and sweets. Which is so haaaaaard!

6. Post every day on the blog’s social media pages ie. Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram.

I know I have to keep up on this but I just don’t spend that much time on my phone and my anxiety acts up every time I try to write something on social media. But my goal is to post or share there every day.

7. Maintain an organized Google drive and computer.

If you’ve seen my drive and computer, you’ll know what I’m talking about, here let me show you (see photo below). So yeah, I plan on organizing them and deleting unnecessary files on my Google Drive.

8. Stop overthinking and over analyzing things.

I am having progress in this area and I am so proud of that.

My goal is to keep it that way. I don’t dwell on things as much and one thing that worked for me is to remind myself, “will it matter tomorrow?” “Will this help me achieve my goals?” If the answer is no, then I grab some clothes and hand-wash them and let things go. Yes, that’s how I manage stress and overthinking lately — handwashing clothes. My grandma taught me that.

9. Finish the “Girl, Wash Your Face” book by Rachel Hollis.

It’s a great book and I am not halfway done but my goal is to finish it this quarter. Once, I’m done with Hi, bye Mama!”

10. Only watch 1 episode per day of whatever I’m watching on Netflix.

Right now, I’m on the last episode of Hi, bye Mama and currently on Season 2 of Vis A Vis/Locked Up.

11. Practice my website design skills so I can earn from it.

I am currently working as a website and wordpress designer as I work from home but I am no expert. So my goal is to study more and be an expert so I can finally freelance and build my own website design business.

12. Less procrastination & be more productive.

I’ll be honest I spend more time lying on the bed and playing Sims Mobile or watching Netflix than writing or brainstorming ideas for my blog. 

These goals are not as big as “save my own million,” or “live a 100% no-waste life,” but as someone who has anxiety, these are enough for me to jump out of bed in the morning.

These are small but realistic things that bring me closer to my dreams.

About the author

At Love From Sza, my goal is to help young moms like me to love more and live more; and we can achieve that using the right tools, right planning, organization, and mindfulness. In my blog, you will read a lot of things that can help make your life easier so you can spend more time loving your kids and having fun with them. I also help and motivate moms to earn while taking care of our kids so we can feel a sense of fulfillment and a great sense of achievement.

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