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14-day Meal Plan during Community Quarantine

When the government announced the Community Quarantine and while everyone else is already panic buying, I know that I have to stick through a meal plan and have a list if I want to stretch our funds during this ongoing crisis. I don’t want to jump into the grocery store and just buy everything that I see without planning first.

Tee and I have been working home-based for 2 months now, so we don’t really go out most of the time. I usually do weekly groceries and meal planning.  And as I usually do, I plan our family’s meal and list down all the needed ingredients before going to the supermarket. This is the type of thing that I don’t want to “just wing it.” So I opened my MS Excel and drafted a meal plan starting from the 16th of March until the 28th of March. 

So if you’re like us who make sure that we limit the time we go out, here’s a Pinoy meal plan with foods that are made up of ingredients that you can easily store. You can also freeze some of these meals if you want to. 

These are all simple Filipino foods. If you notice there are only 2 meals per day, that is because we only cook breakfast and dinner. I did not list down snacks as well. 

community quarantine meal plan

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